Our Cards

Carol Krahulec, Owner

RockMeBabyCards are created from hand sized and tumbled mineral rocks, cruelty free feathers and sustainable forest paper. The selection, design and composition of each card's elements is created to provide a specific experience for the cardholder. Because mineral rocks carry Mother Earth’s primordial energy, depending on the primary mineral rock used, each card will provide its owner with its energy that will: open and free the mind, heal the body, or amplify the spirit.

Throughout the ages feathers have held a place of importance during ceremonies as both a tool in assisting the celebration or as an adornment. The function of feathers is to generate thrust and lift, for birds to fly. For that reason feathers represent ascension, spiritual evolution and transcendence.

It is our hope that each person will experience a unique and positive response, according to their conscious intentions, to the rocks and feathers used on our cards.

Hold your rock or frame your card, keep it close and make a good intention. Use it when you need empowerment, strength, or perspective. Enjoy its beauty, enjoy its power.

Our Minerals

As all minerals are unique, the stones on your card may vary in appearence. No claims are made. These alleged powers and properties are gathered from writings, books, folklore and various historical sources.