The Artist

About the Artist

G rowing up in the Arizona desert, Carol, an accomplished artist, teacher and musician, has been inspired and amazed by the power of its ethereal beauty. She derives her strength under the sun, among the rocks; awed amidst the majesty.

An avid hiker, Carol has picked up rocks along the way; it’s just something she has always needed to do. “I guess seeing them somehow isn’t enough. I need to hold and touch them. I need to feel them.”

As she held the rocks, Carol began to feel the powers emanating from them. “I have a bowl of obsidian - apache tears, each one feels a little different to me. Each one makes me feel a little differently when I touch them.” Suffering the recent loss of a loved one, Carol hiked the vortexes of Sedona. “It’s a very spiritual place. The energy is just spiraling out of the incredible red rock. I felt myself begin to heal.”

Now, Carol wants to share the healing powers she experienced. “Its not just healing, its strengthening, empowering, awakening. It gives you perspective.” She wants to create something that provides those feelings to others, so she is creating “RockMeBabyCards.”

She tumbles her collection and uses the beautiful rocks and minerals, feathers and color to create art. She makes cards as gifts for her friends, selecting the rocks with the properties appropriate in each case. People who receive the cards feel the power of the rocks and the power of love that goes into making each unique card. Carol feels the power of creating and the joy of giving. Now, when people buy and give these cards, they will spread the love and unique power of each one of the RockMeBabyCards.